Encouragement Can Go a Long Way

( [email protected] ) Jul 06, 2003 02:18 PM EDT

Nigeria’s Sharia law have isolated some national churches and brought great discouragement to the mission due to its harsh conditions.

SIM missionaries Bill and Loraine Foute commented how a visit can be a great encouragement for pastors. "These people love visits and they go so long in between visits that if a group of young people wanted to go out and show The JESUS Film or do some vacation bible school just visit a few of these missionaries it just thrills them to have a visit and especially from a foreigner.” Said Bill Foute.

They also noted that as long as the pastors know that they have not been forgotten, they would continue to struggle on their feet. Beside prayers for the ministries their, Loraine suggested for a fundraiser to buy bicycle or motorcycle for one of the missionaries so that he or she can take the necessities to the ministries who are struggling on the little living resources they have.