Interserve Teams Prepare for Outreach in Tibet

( [email protected] ) Nov 15, 2003 10:32 AM EST

Central Asia – Interserve, an international fellowship dedicated to ecumenical missions throughout Asia, is preparing to launch their new outreach program in Tibet.

"My particular work involves civil engineering: well-drilling, the construction of rain-water collecting cisterns, small school buildings, latrines. I think for the civil engineer who's been trained in the West, they might find, in some sense that the technology level that we work at is pretty low,” said “Carl,” the project director. The project will specifically be directed towards reaching the Tibetan Buddhists.

"These are some of the most unreached peoples that exist on the earth today. So, this work is very much pioneering work, and another function of the engineering process is to open doors that otherwise wouldn't open,” added Carl.

Interserve hopes to increase mobilize 10 to 15 additional engineering teams in the next two years. According to Carl, the only hindrance to joining the team is a hesitation of will.

“It's a matter of being willing to uproot and being ready for cultural adaptation,” said Carl. “God can do it. They shouldn't be obstacles, but they are in people's minds."