Haven of Hope in Ghana Celebrates First Anniversary

( [email protected] ) Dec 02, 2003 12:19 PM EST

Ghana – Every Child Ministries celebrated the first year anniversary of their “Haven of Hope” children’s home in Ghana, where hundreds of children are orphaned and suppressed each day by insurmountable poverty.

According to ECM’s Lorella Rouster, Haven of Hope is ripening fast into a fruit of love and care.

"We have 25 children there, right now, and we are working on doubling the capacity within the next two years. I don't know where we'll stop. God will tell us that. It is right now celebrating its first anniversary,” said Lorella Rouster.

ECM emphasizes showing the love of Jesus to those in need in practical ways, using African national to train their own people. What they themselves need, said Rouster is funding and support.

"We could really use help with providing solar power to the home. We have no electricity there at all. The children are using kerosene lanterns and I'm always afraid that when they get up in the night, they're going to tip those things over and start a fire."