Haitian Missions in the Face of Political Turmoil

( [email protected] ) Feb 24, 2004 11:09 AM EST

Haiti - Missions in Haiti have met many obstacles since rebels took over Haiti's second-largest city, Cap Haitien. Even with the impending danger of the political situation, faith workers remain in the tumultuous nation to continue with their ministries.

Despite the outlook for mission workers, there is a silver lining of hope. The Bible League's Tim DeVries says the unrest makes work erratic. "Things are a little bit more difficult. We can't get through to certain areas of the country; we have to be a lot more careful. No trainings are happening at night. We need to make sure that our staff are safe, we can't go out as much. But, on the other hand, our ministry has grown. People are searching for God." At this critical time, believers are answering with faith and staying strong.

Even amidst physical danger, mission workers find ways they can still continue their ministries. DeVries explains that teams are responding very well to the situation at hand. "Pray for encouragement for the believers, that they will continue to see this as an opportunity to reach out to people with God's message of hope...and that they will remain strong and safe as they talk with neighbors, who can't go out and do other things, and maybe have an opportunity to share God's word a little bit more."