Evangelized Former Tribesman Wishes to Bring Back Revival to Wales

( [email protected] ) Feb 27, 2004 09:44 AM EST

Wales - One hundred years ago, there was a great Welsh Revival that brought Christianity to many distant lands. Now one hundred years after the

Revival, a member of a former head hunting Hmar tribe in Northern India wishes to show his gratitude to a Welshman who had come to the tribe in 1904 with the teachings of Jesus christ making the tribe Christian.

Dr. Rochunga Pudaite would like to return thanks to the Welshman missionary, Watkin Roberts, by giving 100,000 Living New Testaments to the Welsh people with the help of Bibles for the world. He states "It was a Welshman who was brave enough to come to our head hunting village following the great Welsh Revival of 1904 and because of that I also found Christ," Dr. Pudaite explains the reason for the enormous gift to Wales is "if a Welshman was willing to come to a head hunting village, why not now a member of a tribe of transformed head hunters providing the Welsh people with New Testaments want to hunt their hearts for Jesus Christ." With that same bravery, Dr. Pudaite wants to change the Welsh people the same way his tribe was changed.

Dr. Pudaite felt compelled to give something back to Wales when he had learned that there are less than 3 percent of the Welsh people attend

church. Bibles for the World are helping by printing 100,000 Living New Testaments with a Welsh insignia on the cover. He finally expresses that"It is our prayer that this will ignite the flame of revival back again to Wales and them spread also to England and Scotland and then maybe across the world. We are calling for millions of people to pray for that possibility."