American Missionary Fellowship Going to Minority Neighborhoods

( [email protected] ) Feb 28, 2004 06:24 AM EST

USA - Christian organizations around the nation are searching for new ways to minister to minority communities. Minority ministers are greatly needed at this time to accomplish this goal.

Coinciding with Black History month in the US, American Missionary Fellowship (AMF) is working to recruit Black trained missionaries who will be commissioned to outreach to the Black minority communities. Ed Henderson of the organization explains "If we can recruit and commission (and) dispatch minority missionaries into those fields it makes it a lot easier." They are particularly looking for young African-American seminary graduates.

Henderson is hopeful that the minority groups that they will minister to will be welcoming and open to a minister who shares the same ethnic background and cultural values. Through this approach, it will be easier to share the Gospel when the minority youth can bond with their minister.

Another project that American Missionary Fellowship will place into action is the "learning commmunity" program. This program will help spread Bible studies throughout the United States from the city to the suburbs. In Henderson's last remarks, he says "we see resurgence. We see a turning toward Bible studies, toward the Gospel, and a great interest in missionary activities from the Afro-American church in America."