Radio ministry in Middle East expands despite growing tensions

( [email protected] ) Mar 26, 2004 03:19 AM EST

Christian ministries in the Middle East are on heightened alert since the assassination of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in the Gaza Strip last weekend. However, Joshua Youssef of the international broadcasting ministry, Leading the Way, says the threatened instability won't affect his organization's approach.

"Governments are aware of our radio broadcasts and are not necessarily supportive of them, but they allow them to exist. We do our programs in a very culturally sensitive way. We don't involve politics in any way -- we don't involve any kind of political discourse. It is solely lifting up the name of Jesus."

Youssef says staff members are taking appropriate security measures as the crisis grows. Meanwhile, plans are also being made to expand the broadcasts. "We broadcast three nights a week, and we'll be going to a fourth night at the beginning of April. We're actually going to step up our follow-up, and we're working with several organizations in this part of the world to ensure that this happens."

Currently, programs in Arabic and English air across the region from high-powered AM stations in Monte Carlo and Cyprus.