World Relief Planning to Launch Immigrant Resettlement Program in Baltimore

( [email protected] ) Mar 17, 2004 02:58 PM EST

BALTIMORE - World Relief, a Christian humanitarian organization that reaches out to people in poverty around the world, is in the process of launching its refugee and immigrant resettlement program in Baltimore, MD, where the organization’s headquarters are located, as it celebrated the 25th anniversary of its refugee & immigrant resettlement program March 1st,

World Relief is recognized by the U.S. Department of State as the only evangelical refugee resettlement agency and has resettled nearly 190,000 refugees since 1979.

"The conference was a time of celebration, encouragement and training for World Relief's U.S. staff who have worked diligently over the past 25 years to ensure that those fleeing persecution, violence, coercion, and economic oppression have the opportunity for a new life in the United States," said World Relief NIRN Manager Kedri Metzger.

The three-day event took place at the organization's headquarters in Baltimore, with more than 100 reception and placement staff members, affiliate/hub directors and volunteer managers from 26 offices across the U.S. discussing the issues on the Somali Bantus, building church relations, U.S. databases, refugee housing, immigration certification, work incentives, victims of trafficking, AOR processing, and overseas cultural orientation.

Guest speakers included Mercy Housing; the Executive Office for Immigration Review; Refugee Works; the Bureau of Population; Refugees and Migration; Polaris Project; Department of Homeland Security and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees.