Compassion International Increases Funding to Assist HIV Infected Children

Compassion International increases budget in new program which aims to support and provide medical services for HIV infected children
( [email protected] ) Aug 05, 2004 09:13 PM EDT

HIV/AIDS is probably the worst pandemic of this century. The disease has taken away lives of millions of people including adults and children. In response to the crisis, Compassion International, an organization designed to assist children in need, is expanding its new compassion ministry toward HIV infected children.

The ministry plans to increase the amount of money that will be used to provide a wide range of services to support HIV infected children.

"HIV/AIDS intervention is an ongoing, natural extension of Compassion's mission to provide health-related benefits to all Compassion-assisted children," Dr. Stafford said.

Dr. Wess Stafford is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Compassion International.

The increased budget will help to provide funds for many pharmaceutical companies in the effort of developing new drugs such as Antiretroviral drugs to fight against the disease. Even though there is no cure for HIV/AIDS at present time, Anti-retroviral drugs have shown to be very effective in extending the life of the patients.

"The price on these drugs has now dropped to a level where it is conceivable that we could afford to provide them for all the children in our program who need them," Stafford said.

In addition, Compassion International will also work with other organizations to provide prevention education versus counseling and testing as well as in many other areas for HIV infected children. The additional fund can potentially be used to finance homes for orphans whose deceased parents had AIDS.

One of the greatest commissions of Compassion International is to serve children in all aspects of life ranging from social and economic aids to spiritual guidance which enables them to fully develop into faithful Christians.