Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China Reaching Tsunami Survivors

Aid-groups from three respective regions converge onto disaster zones bringing aid to help recovery efforts
( [email protected] ) Dec 31, 2004 07:32 AM EST

As International aid groups converge onto the scene of tsunami, volunteers from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong have also mobilized to aid tsunami victims. As early as Wednesday, red-clad rescue workers from Taiwan could be seen clearing rubble and searching for survivors amidst the ruined buildings and streets in Thailand.

In China, aid-workers rested at the airport just before being dispatched to Indonesia to assist in rescue efforts there. The aid workers were part of a 35-man team dispatched by the Chinese government to tsunami-stricken areas. The team brought with them medical equipment such as mobile respirators in anticipation of needing to treat thousands of wounded in the disaster zones.

In Hong Kong, Christian and non-Christian aid-organizations could be seen collecting money for tsunami victim aid. Such activities has repeat itself in both China and Taiwan. So far, Taiwan has pledged US $5 million to aid rescue efforts. Beijing promised to send US $2.62 million worth of supplies to disaster zones all over the world.