New Report on Mideast, Eastern European Children Aims to Boost Christian Efforts

( [email protected] ) Aug 07, 2007 08:12 AM EDT

A new report on children has been released by World Vision to help Christian organizations plot a brighter future for the most vulnerable people in the Middle East and Eastern Europe Region (MEER).

The "MEER Children in Development and Protection Assessment Report, 2007" identifies predominant risks to child wellbeing in the troubled region, and examines what contributions Christian organizations taking a community-based and child-focused approach are most suited to make.

The report offers both country-by-country and sub-regional reviews of main current issues impacting child wellbeing, particularly as related to the cross-cutting themes of Christian impact, disability, peace building and conflict resolution, protection, environment and HIV and AIDS.

While the report makes clear the many challenges children in MEER are facing, it also demonstrates the way in which World Vision initiatives are effectively partnering with children and their communities to make positive changes for today and the future.

The report may be used to inform donors, stakeholders and World Vision in other regions on child wellbeing in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and as a reference document for those needing baseline information for program development in the region.

Countries' needs are assessed according to the most recent UNICEF barometers of child wellbeing. Other resources include the World Bank, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and World Vision National Office reports.

Mary Ellen Chatwin, PhD, World Vision's children in development and protection advisor for MEER, authored the report.