Archbishop Tutu will teach at North Florida

Jan 09, 2003 11:59 PM EST

In 1984, Oupa Seane, jailed for fighting with the apartheid, was helped by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and to flee from South Africa. Now almost two decades later, a political science professor at University of North Florida, brought the Archbiship there fpr a lecture in 1999 and persuaded him to return this spring as a scholar in residence for a semester.

"I've been here before and was thrilled by my engagement with the students. And there was a young South African on the faculty who twisted my arm a little bit," said Tutu, now retired, who will be paid $76,000 for his work.

David Kline, the university's interim president, hopes Tutu's name will help with fund raising and faculty and student recruitment by "raising the intellectual environment."

Tutu will teach one semester in North Florida that will focus on his time heading the South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a group that investigates the abuses of apartheid in the mid 1990's and three mini-courses.

By Tony C.