Interview: Robert H. Tyler, Legal Counsel of Alliance Defense Fund

( [email protected] ) Feb 25, 2004 03:40 PM EST

Alliance Defense Fund filed another lawsuit against San Francisco County Clerk Nancy Alfaro today, February 25, at 10:30 a.m. in the California Supreme Court for an immediate stay and peremptory write of mandate. The case will be styled Lewis v. Alfaro.

The Christian Post conducted a short interview with ADF Legal Counsel Robert H. Tyler at the Supreme Court in San Francisco regarding the case. Tyler said ADF stands for sanctity of life, marriage and traditional values and that the organization has its focus on protecting American heritage. He expressed the concern over Christianity today stating that pastors need to wake up and teach the church.

Christian Post: What is the direction the Alliance Defend Fund is taking this case?

Robert H. Tyler: We filed a petition in the State Supreme Court requesting an immediate stay,which is very rare, and for the high courts to take jurisdiction. We have a new client and a new petitioner, different from the clients who filed in the past. Whether our present laws on [traditional] marriage are constitutional will be decided in court. We are asking for an immediate stay, and to issue a stop [on the licensensing]

Christian Post: Can you explain the Christian perspective of the ADF?

Robert H. Tyler: We are a non-profit public interest law firm representing people across thenation. We stand for the sanctity of life, marriage and traditional values. We werefounded by major evangelical organizations and their leaders including Bill Bright of Campus Crusades for Christ. Our focus is to preserve our heritage in America. We have close alliances with many Christian organizations, and we have 700 lawyers that are available to take cases on a moment's notice, like today.

The pastors of America today need to wake up and need to teach the church. I don’t think the pastors of America are accepting the reality of where this nation is headed. I wish the Christians can wake up to realize where this nation is headed.