Sudan Conflict Dubbed "Genocide" - a Crime Punishable by International Standards

( [email protected] ) Jul 24, 2004 02:00 PM EDT

On Thursday, July 22, the U.S. Congress declared that the killing of tens of thousands of African civilians by Arab militants in Sudan’s Dafur region is”genocide” – a crime punishable by international law.

The resolution, which passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate unanimously, urged President George W. Bush to call the situation in Sudan “by its rightful name: genocide.”

The administration has yet to dub the humanitarian crises”genocide.” It has, however, urged the Sudanese government to take action against the slayings and forceful migrations.

According to the House and Senate resolution, some 30,000 have been killed in the Dafur region and over 1 million displaced internally.

Christian humanitarian groups have warned against such massive slayings since early this year, and have mobilized its members to provide food and aid through local workers in Sudan. World Relief, the evangelical arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, are working with the churches in neighboring Chad to give food, clothes and supplies to the refugees displaced within the nation.