Survey:Pro-Family Christians Disagree with ACLU-Supported Policies

''The American public, by lopsided margins, favors school prayer and a ban on partial-birth abortion''
( [email protected] ) Oct 19, 2004 05:38 PM EDT

The majority of Pro-family Christians support policies that starkly contrast with those of the American Civil Liberties Union, reported an informal survey by Coral Ridge Ministries.

Around 13,000 people participated in the ministries’ second Spiritual State of the Nation Survey, an informal survey which asked respondents questions on moral and political issues such as the display of the Ten Commandments, homosexual marriage, and partial-birth abortion. The survey was conducted April through July 2004.

Around 99 percent of respondents agreed to “support the protection of the public display of the Ten Commandments from the attacks of groups such as the ACLU.”

Concerning same-sex marriage, ninety-six percent oppose giving homosexual couples “the same rights of marriage as heterosexual couples.” The survey also reported 89 percent support a ban on partial-birth abortion and believe the efforts should be defended in the courts.

Dr. D. James Kennedy, President of Coral Ridge Ministries, said, “The pro-family Americans who answered these surveys are not alone.”

“The American public, by lopsided margins, favors school prayer and a ban on partial-birth abortion,” he said. “A majority of Americans opposes same-sex marriage and, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll, some 51 percent of Americans think churches should express their views on political questions.”

While the ACLU opposed efforts in the Congress to pass Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act, the survey showed that 97 percent of respondents agreed pastors should be allowed to preach on a wide range of issues including politics without losing their churches’ tax-exemptions.

Kennedy added, “When it comes to moral and cultural questions, the ACLU is outside the mainstream and on the lonesome side of America’s cultural divide.”