America Remembers Katrina Victims on National Day of Prayer

Today, the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Katrina Victims acknowledges the faith and courage of the victims and everyone involved with the relief effort.
( [email protected] ) Sep 16, 2005 08:50 PM EDT

Christians nationwide will join with President Bush on Friday for the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance to mourn and pay tribute to the faith and courage of the Hurricane Katrina victims.

From all different backgrounds, Christians will reflect on the suffering of those who have lost their loved ones to the perseverance of the thousands of Christians who have helped in providing strength for the cause.

It has been three weeks since the devastating hurricane struck the U.S. Gulf Coast, causing chaos and an uncertain future for the survivors, but out of the hurricane's tragedy, many Christian organizations and churches were able to pray and join with others in the relief effort.

At the Washington National Cathedral this morning, President Bush, who has announced his effort to rebuild the cities, delivered a message that was broadcasted to the nation commending the faith and love that was shown in light of the storm.

He ended with, "On this National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, we pledge ourselves to the demanding work of revival, and renew the faith and hope that will carry that work to completion. In the worst of storms, and in the rush of flood waters, even the strongest faith can be tested. Yet the Scriptures assure us, 'many waters cannot quench love; neither can the floods drown it.'"

"So now we go forward, confident in the good heart of America, and trusting that even among the ruins, the love of God remains at work."

"May God bless and keep the souls of the lost. May His love touch all those in need, and may He always watch over the United States of America. God bless."