Asia Mission Report

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

Central Asia-- The Bible Mission International prepares Christmas packages including food, clothes and the spirit of the Gospel to be distributed across Central Asia on January 7th, the lunar Christmas.

Mark Reimschisel of BMI says, "There are a lot of places in the world where people can go and work that are very high profile. In a lot of these areas, since freedom has basically been there for an extended time now, people are wondering why we are still there and why we're still helping."

Reimschisel says the answer to that question is simple. "When we're there long term and the church continues to meet the needs of people and they don't get anything in return, all that does is just bring more validity to why we're giving this aid. We're giving it in the name of Christ, and we're expressing compassion, and expecting nothing in return."

By Paulina C.