Jars of Clay, dc Talk, & Kirk Franklin Join Billy Graham on TV Special

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

Jars of Clay is a featured artist on the upcoming Billy Graham Evangelistic Association youth special, Inside Out, the first such high-energy, music driven broadcast of Graham’s “Concert for the NeXt Generation.” Promoted as “God getting his own late night show,” the thirty-minute program, including other performances by dc Talk, Kirk Franklin, and a message from Billy Graham, is scheduled to air nationally mostly on the WB network, Friday, December 27. Visit www.passageway.org for local times.

With more than 82,000 in attendance, setting a stadium record for a youth emphasis event, the program was originally recorded at the Metroplex Mission concert at Texas Stadium, October 19, 2002. With the extraordinary lineup of artists whose relevant music appeals largely to his teen audiences, Graham believes it is vital to reach younger generations with the message of God’s love and forgiveness.

As with all BGEA telecasts, counselors will be available online or via telephone for viewers with questions following the broadcast. Teens can also respond at www.passageway.org, where they can also request a free CD with a video presentation by Christian musicians on "Steps to Peace,” as well as the entire Bible in PDF format.

Along with its work with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Jars of Clay has partnered with several humanitarian causes, advocating such organizations as World Vision, DATA, Amnesty International, and Open Doors International with Brother Andrew. The band is also recognized for its continued compassion toward missions in China and the Zeldin Cancer Research Foundation.

Jars of Clay will release its fifth project, Furthermore - From the Studio: From the Stage, on February 4. The two-disc set features an acoustic disc, From the Studio, with 11 songs, including eight new arrangements of Jars of Clay favorites and three new songs. The second disc, From the Stage, offers 10 cuts recorded live on the successful, major market Eleventh Hour Tour. Returning to its creative roots, Jars of Clay wrote, arranged, recorded, and produced Furthermore - From the Studio: From the Stage at its own Sputnik Studio in Franklin, TN.

By Paulina C.