Dear Slim – A Christian Rapper’s Note To Eminem

Dec 04, 2002 06:02 PM EST

A Christian rapper devotes a track to the well-known artist Eminen. The track, entitled, “Dear Slim,” part of KJ-52’s second album, “collaborations,” strives to illustrate KJ’s heart towards the gospel.

‘The bottom line is that I hope he gets a hold of who God is,” KJ-52 continued. “On his first record ‘Infinite’ he has a line talking about Christ and being a Christian. I believe somewhere along the line he has gotten caught up in the things of this world.”

Although Eminem tops the charts for both music and movies, conservative Christians continue to scorn Marshall Mathers, also known as Slim Shady and Eminem, because of his profane and violent music. In his message, KJ states that though he is not “dissing” Eminimen, he wishes for Slim to be aware of his negative influence on the youth.

“Dear Slim” was hand delivered to Eminem by a road pastor who to met Slim backstage at the MTV music awards earlier this year.

"You know, just put the CD in his hand...It was a good conversation. It basically went along the lines of, 'This guy wrote a song to you. It's not a 'dis' [disrespectful]. You should really listen to it.'" Said KJ, also known as Jonah Sorrentino. I've had Christian kids and youth pastors say that they don't just dislike Eminem, they hate him," he said. "Unfortunately, too many Christians cop that attitude. I tell my crowd: 'Look, Eminem is not the enemy. We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. He's doing this because of his background.”

Sorrentino’s style had many times been compared to Slim Shadys, as mentioned in the track, and consequentially, many people have accused him of capitalizing on Slim Shady’s fame.

“Kids will post up on my Web site, just getting really vulgar. Like, 'Blank you! You're just trying to make money off him.'" Sorrentino said. He added, "I mean, come on, I do Christian rap. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and drive a beat-up mini van. How much money am I going to make? People download the song [from my Web site] anyway."

Sorrentino who, like Eminem, comes from a broken home wishes for Christians to respond to Eminem in a better way.

"[Am I] saying go out and buy your kid an Eminem CD? Definitely not. But I am saying, at least understand why somebody's doing something before you condemn them."

Sorrentino commented, "I hope he would take it with the right attitude, understanding it's not condemning. It's not that he's the enemy. I never approached it like that... I continue to pray for him; I continue to pray for those like him; and I just keep doing what God told me to do."

By Pauline J.
[email protected]