Nicole C. Mullen – Christmas In Black and White

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

Nicole C. Mullen takes her myriad of musical influences and sounds into the holidays on Christmas In Black and White, her third album. Utilizing her now-familiar formula of allowing each song to go in whatever musical direction it calls for, Christmas In Black and White has the expected moments of r&b, funk, dance, pop, gospel, Latin, folk, spoken word, and more.

What's most fun about the album is how Mullen creatively weaves her family into the disc. Her father, Napoleon Coleman, Jr. (who sounds amazingly like Nat King Cole) duets with her on a traditional rendition of "The Christmas Song." Husband David Mullen's dad can be heard doing voice-over work for "St. Nick's Groove." And the entire Coleman/Mullen clan is gathered together to create a choir of backing vocals for several tracks. A times it's like being a fly on the wall at a Coleman/Mullen family Christmas celebration.

Nicole C. Mullen injects some much-needed soulful creativity and family fun into the holidays that's hard to resist. I enjoyed this one more than anything else she's recorded to-date.

Album cover courtesy of Warner Bros. Records, Christian Music Division.

By Robin Parrish