Flicker Records introduces The Swift

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

The Swift, Flicker Records' newest band, is releasing its debut self-titled project just in time for Christmas. The group has been causing talk these past few months after being on this fall's Festival Con Dios tour. As a response to their selling out of over 100 of their 4-song EPs after playing only three shows, The Swift was invited by Audio Adrenaline and MercyMe to join them as special guests on the spring 2003 Go Show Tour.

With the passionate lyricist Keith Green and the high energy performance to match; The Swift's piano-based pop/rock sound is set to fill a longstanding void in Christian music. The album is filled with piano driven pop hooks mixed with moving ballads. The four members who hail from various sectors of North Carolina include: pianist/vocalist Britt Edwards (26), guitarist Chris Byers (26), bassist/vocalist Mike Simons (21), and drummer Trae Drose (24).

"I've always been a fan of Keith Green and Billy Joel," Flicker Records President Bob Herdman says. "There aren't a lot of bands out there right now who are piano-driven, even in mainstream music. The Swift encompasses all a record label could want in a band: unique sound, passionate lyrics, an unbelievable live show, and some of the most genuine hearts around."

The Swift have been busy in the past months preparing for their album release. The band has recently just completed a two-week radio promotion tour where they visited top reporting stations to support their radio singles "Under the Sun" and "More than Gold". The band was recently invited to play on LeSea Broadcasting's Live from Studio B, where they performed five songs for a live studio audience. The show is scheduled to air world-wide on January 2.

"The more we got involved in the ministry side of music, the less we saw of artists actively sharing the gospel and pursuing audience members at concerts," says Britt Edwards, 26, the Swift's piano-playing lead vocalist with the unmistakable southern accent. "We felt if God could use us as salt and light, we could help raise the standards for Christian artists. I know we're new and young, but I still wanna be an example to Christian bands like other have been to us."

Yes. Although new, The Swift comes with both a message and music.

By Chris C.