HK World Vision Child Sponsorship – Brings Miracles that Change Lives to Millions

TV series 'Miracles that Change Lives' keep pushing the program forward
( [email protected] ) Dec 15, 2004 05:41 AM EST

Dec 14th evening, TV series “Miracles that Change Lives” made by Hong Kong World Vision was shown on TVB. So far, “Miracles that Change Lives” have been broadcasted on TVB many times, allowing HK citizens to know that there are still many children living in extreme poverty on another side of the world – and calling viewers to offer their concerns in bringing changes to these children’s life.

In Ethiopia, 70% of the population is waiting to have clean water. In the community where Owa lives, there is only a dirty rivulet; Owa and her neighbors take bath, wash clothes, wash cattle, and even drink there. Owa almost died because of drinking that water.

Since she received help from “Child Sponsorship”, her life changed. World Vision started a project to provide clean water to the villagers. Now Owa not only drinks clean water, but also has nutritious food, medical care and available education.

Currently, 1 out of every 4 children in the world is living in a family that has a daily income of less than US $1. They are always hungry, they can drink only dirty water. To go to school and receive education is also a far away dream for them. “Child Sponsorship” held by the World Vision is focusing on these children. Through this program, World Vision hopes to empower communities and help build the capacity so that the community itself retains ownership of the development process. The programs involve initiatives in health, education, agriculture, water, infrastructure, landmine removal, leadership, gender, and income generation according to communities’ own needs and priorities.

To join “Child Sponsorship”, one only has to give HK $200 per month. And a child in a developing country can receive great change of his life, along with his whole family and community. Sponsors can also receive detailed information of the child, and express their concern and care directly through letters and visits. World Vision is also holding meetings to allow the sponsors to share their happiness and satisfaction from “Child Sponsorship”.