Paul Wright Tours with Kutless and David Crowder Band

( [email protected] ) Jan 14, 2004 12:20 PM EST

Gotee artist Paul Wright continues his promotional touring for Fly Away, street date on December 2. Wright will first spend his January opening up for Kutless then do the same for The David Crowder Band during February and March, not to mention his own solo dates in between. Coming back to point A, Wright again plays Agent Hunter in the second installment of !Hero tour, a Christian rock musical.

Mike Snider of Third Coast Artist Agency states, "One of the reasons we love having Paul Wright on Third Coast's roster is because he's the kind of artist who can play just about anywhere and it works. In a four month period he goes from opening up for Kutless to doing a string of his own dates, to opening for The Dave Crowder Band, to playing a lead role as Agent Hunter on the !Hero Tour. Every one of these touring opportunities was completely different, but they all made sense because Paul and his music relate to each of these audiences."

Darren Tyler, Co-Manager at Platform Artist Management adds, "We know that Fly Away is a great record, but it was really important for Paul and the whole team to back up the efforts in the studio with a serious showing on the road. That goal has been achieved, as Paul will play 75 shows in the first 5 months of 2004. We really appreciate all of the teamwork and players involved that made this happen. Special thanks go out to Third Coast Artist Agency, Gotee Records, Kutless, Eddie DeGarmo, and The David Crowder Band for believing in Paul Wright."

The change Paul Wright had to meet Gotee founder and CEO Toby McKeehan, which would eventually land him a record deal came after he was in Nashville to record his part as Agent Hunger in !Hero. Now, the opportunities facing him are growing as he promotes his debut Fly Away. However, Wright still remember what’s his motive in his work as he reflects on the naming of his CD.

"I was inspired by a book by Bob George called Classic Christianity," he says. "It talks about how being born again is analogous to the metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies. Fly Away is saying, 'Hey, when we realize our identity in Christ, we'll have the ability to walk in the power of the Spirit, and to fly, like a butterfly, away from our fleshly desires.' God called us to be able to fly."

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