Pillar – Where Do We Go From Here: Coming in June

( [email protected] ) Mar 02, 2004 10:22 AM EST

Pillar, Flicker Records’ ferocious young band, also voted as CCM reader’s most wanted to be seen on the cover this year, are busy in the studio with their new album, Where Do We Go From Here, which will be available on June. 15, 2004.

The new album will contain many inspiring songs, including songs actually written by Pillar.

“The momentum behind Pillar just keeps growing and has put them in an amazing place to release this album,” says Troy Vest, general manager for Flicker Records. “The response to Fireproof from industry and fans alike has been nothing short of incredible, and Where Do We Go From Here has the potential to connect this band with an even greater audience.”

The debut single from the album, “Bring Me Down,” will go for adds March 26 at Christian Rock radio with a future add date of mid-April at the mainstream Active Rock format.

Currently “Further From Myself,” the first single from Broken Down: The EP, is still climbing toward the top of the charts. The song is at the #3 spot on R&R’s Christian Rock chart, while simultaneously charting at #11 on R&R’s CHR chart, making it the band’s seventh Top 5 Christian Rock single and a potential fifth #1 hit. Pillar is also gearing up to headline the “See Spot Rock” Tour with special guest 12 Stones March 5 through May 6 in support of their upcoming release.

“This album has the signature rock hooks that Pillar is known for, but we’ve added some more eclectic elements. I’m really grateful to play with the guys in this band, because they’re great musicians and I feel like we’ve been able to successfully evolve with the times,” said Pillar frontman Rob Beckley. “I think this record will really challenge people to think about their lives and look at their relationships in a new way. The title sums it up…what will you do with what you’ve heard and where will you go from here?”

The band’s Dove Award-winning sophomore album Fireproof brought Pillar unprecedented success in every aspect of their career, including Spin and Hit Parader, media coverage in Rolling Stone, and the first appearance ever by a Christian band on the cover of Radio & Records (R&R) Magazine. Fireproof produced a Top 40 hit on the R&R Active Rock chart and four #1 Christian Rock singles, including its title track, whose 11-week run at the top tied P.O.D.’s “Alive” for the longest-running #1 Christian Rock single in the history of the format.

“We want people to come out and have a good time.” Kalel says.

Pillar wish to be the ones who show their love and passion for God through their real images- which includes loud rock music.

“We do what we need to do… only we do it a little bit louder,” he adds.

We wish to share this passion with Pillar, also. Where Do We Go From Here- coming soon, June. 15, 2004.