Homeschool Channel – Instilling a Christian Worldview From Home

Apr 29, 2003 02:18 PM EDT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – "God has given parents the responsibility and right to teach their children."

Zen Tyler, staunch advocate and political strategist for homeschooling said as she accepted the editorial position for the Homeschool Channel – the new site that offers getting started tips, curriculum suggestions, legal information and encouragement.

"Certainly, I don't see homeschooling as the only way to educate, but for many people, it's the path that God has called them on," she continued.

Tyler while acknowledging other forms of education, says homeschooling is the ultimate preparation for instilling a Christian worldview in a child; all three of her children were taught at home.

"We've entered a postmodern era where kids aren't attending church and aren't going to schools that allow God to be mentioned," said Tyler. "Missionaries spend years training before they go to the field. In the same sense, children need to be trained as well so they're prepared to the fullest and they can impact the world where they're needed most."

The Homeschool Channel, a service of LifeWay Christian Resources and Broadman and Holman Publishers, provides answers to questions concerning the legalities, cultural acceptance and curriculum of homeschooling. The site also offers information on special needs children and articles about the daily duties facing homeschooling parents.

By Pauline J.