CCC Reaches Out to Students in a Personal Way through Internet

( [email protected] ) Nov 15, 2003 11:13 AM EST

Many students are accepting Christ through the Touch Project over email, which is a new evangelistic presentation launched by Campus Crusades for Christ.

According to CCC, Touch uses the Internet to reach people in a personal way. It began with emails to 15,000 Christians containing a Web link that leads to an animated evangelistic presentation. From those initial Christians, the presentation spread over email as the recipients forwarded the message on to people in their personal network. Since the email came from someone they knew, the recipient would be more likely to view the presentation.

Andy Fish, project manager for Touch, shares, “The purpose of the Touch project was to see if the gospel could be propagated in a simple and personal way through email. It’s not mass evangelism – it’s personal evangelism done on a mass scale.”

As of the end of October, the online presentation has been viewed well over 5,500 times by people in countries all over the world.

The message of Touch is simple.

As human beings, we have an essential need to connect with others through physical and emotional touch.

The Touch Project reveals the need for a third touch, the touch of God. At the end of the Touch presentation, there is an invitation for the recipient to let God touch them by trusting in Jesus Christ.

After viewing the presentation, viewers are directed to the What is Touch? website, which provides further information, resources, and links to churches and campus ministry directories. In addition, viewers can use e-mail or instant messaging to send questions to staff members.

That’s how Julia was able to receive help with the questions she had about God and Jesus by getting in touch with the staff member through the Touch Website. Julia is a student from Princeton University who received Christ through the animated message from Touch sent by her friend over email. While watching the presentation, she prayed and received Jesus Christ.