Young Minister Attracts Youth to Christ

( [email protected] ) Feb 03, 2004 03:20 PM EST

Bedford, Indiana - Nick Mullis, 23, the director of Bedford’s Campus Life Youth Ministries, which has a clear goal “to reach teenagers with the gospel of Jesus,” speaks of the problems occurring within youth and his method of ministering them.

While Mullions is aware of the declining number of youths attending church, at the same time he feels the importance of his presence as a minister to lead those lost lambs to a true shepherd, Jesus Christ.

One statistic Mullis has heard is that 88 percent of the nation’s youths don’t attend church, and of the 12 percent who do, 88 percent of them stop going after graduating from high school.

Keeping that in mind, Mullins has been trying to establish a safe place for teenagers to come and feel comfortable about discussing problems they face instead of only teaching Christianity to them. That’s what Campus Life Youth Ministries provides to young Christians.

“With teenagers, the toughest thing is trying to keep up with their constant change” from what and who is popular to what and who is not, Mullis said.

Another difficult thing, Mullis added, is gaining the trust of teens. However, according to Campus Life leaders, Mullins have successfully mastered this part.

“It’s a fun place to get away, instead of sitting at home,” said 15-year-old Mason Bailey. “You can be yourself here and you don’t have to worry about acting how an adult would expect.”

For 16-year-old Katy Shulenburg, attending Campus Life is just an extension of how she lives her life: According to the gospel: “I’ve just decided that if I give everything to God and do as he wants, I don’t have to worry about things”