Africa Mission Report – Ethiopia, Congo, IvoryCoast

Mar 07, 2003 03:56 PM EST

Living Water International ministries brings a water drilling program to help relief Ethiopia of its drought. LWI’s Gary Evans comments, "Living Water is a service organization that comes along side of missionaries to help provide a cup of water in Jesus name. We provide safe water systems at churches, schools, hospitals and orphanages." Evans noted the fierce competition for souls within the country. "Islam is making a big push to take Ethiopia for Islam. And, the Islamic outreach is to put a Mosque with a water-well every 20 miles. So, we're having a lot of competition, if you will. We certainly need to be bathed in prayer."

World Vision International begins to ship one of its largest food deliveries to the Republic of Congo. The maize, oil and salt packages will help alleviate the hunger of the thousands of people that were in need of aid since December 2002. If the convoy is successful, World Vision will launch another shipment consisting of non-food items such as clothing, building material and medical supplies.

Despite trouble within the border of Ivory Coast, Christians dedicate their full lives to their ministry. SIM ministry’s Mark Rogers says, "When the church doors are open, it's expected that everybody will be there. 'Group' is so important in Africa, and group activities and opportunities for oral teaching,[that] if you don't support your group, if you don't make yourself available for oral teaching, then you are saying that you do not care to follow Christ." In difficult times, believers are coming together for prayer and outreach. Rogers believes their gathering speaks volumes of their testimony. "They're saying, 'If you are a Christian, your life will be different', in that, you enjoy being with others of your own kind, with your Christian family. So, that is their way of getting people together and also of teaching as often as possible."

By Pauline J.