Children's Advocate Sees Hope in 2003

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- What will 2003 bring for the world's children? More violence, unfortunately, but also more hope, according to Mubarak Awad, founder and director of Nonviolence International in Washington. Awad, who is to be a featured speaker at a Feb. 28-March 1 conference in St. Louis on "Hope for the Children: Building Bridges in a Culture of Violence," spelled out his hopes for children and society at large in a telephone interview with The Message, newspaper of the Diocese of Evansville. "By improving society we are improving the life of every child," he said, adding that the broader society is improved by improving individuals' lives, one at a time. No one can be isolated from society, which Awad said nourishes a child for "good or bad." A child, he said, "is fed information and ideas and inspiration by his family, and if it is negative, it is negative, and if it is positive, it is positive."

By Angela Lee