Domestic Mission Report

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

Texas -- The severity of Middle East violence opens doors for evangelism as the American Tract Society launches a special tract for this year's holiday season.

Mark Brown of the ATS says, "With all the events that are going on in the Middle East, especially what happened in this last year in Bethlehem, many, many things that people are looking at--- especially around Christmastime-looking for peace, and remembering then, how holy of a time it was 2000 years ago."

Brown says the tract helps people relate not only to the troubles in the Middle East, but also reflect on hope. "This is a wonderful and timely tract, talking about the history of the song 'O Little Town of Bethlehem'. And then it leads into a great Gospel presentation-talking about the light; not living in darkness."

Michigan -- Mel Trotter Ministries of Michigan use the Christmas holiday to hand out coats and hot meals to those in need in West Michigan.

"The formula works really in all churches. You meet a need on a lower level to talk to people at their ultimate need for Jesus," said Bob Evans, part of Trotter ministries.

Evans remarked that they will distribute over 4,400 coats to families who might otherwise not have the coats for the harsh Michigan winters.

Bob Evans with Mel Trotter says they will distribute over 44-hundred coats to families who might otherwise not have the coats for the harsh Michigan winters. Evans says they'll also provide thousands of warm meals through the holiday season.

"We have about 75 volunteers gonna help us on Christmas Day believe it or not. The goal is to provide some hospitality and show the love of Christ in practical ways. It softens the hearts for evangelism, it allows us to get them back in the door to meet other needs, it's a part of the evangelism process, it's the friendship piece that eventually leads to the opportunity to lead people to Christ," Evans said.

By Paulina C.