Meeting the Challenge – US Ranked Third in Hispanic Population

Mar 26, 2003 03:15 PM EST

The population growth in America is largely due to the steady influx of immigrants from around the world; most notably, the Hispanic population has made an explosive growth – making the United States the third largest Spanish speaking country in the world. CAM International representative Gene Purvis speaks of the challenges of ministering to such a group. "Immigrant-level Hispanics are very shy people; they're fearful of this culture, especially of our religious perspective. They come from a specific background, and they are told that this country will take away their religion and substitute a different entity in its place." Purvis says working with the immigrant population proves to be its own challenge because that forces church leadership to be flexible. It is also why CAM networks Hispanic congregations across the U-S. "As those people move around within the country, then we have a place for them to go to, and we have outreach in different cities that can continue to minister to the mobile population. It also is extremely important as people move back into their countries of origin."

By Pauline J.