OMF and CLC Open the Bamboo Book Corner in Centers Throughout the UK

OMF in the UK and CLC have announced the launch of their Bamboo Book Corner, a project that will provide books and booklets to foreigners who are working within the mainland Chinese Diaspora.
( [email protected] ) Aug 06, 2005 01:38 PM EDT

Both OMF and CLC are international missions geared towards overseas evangelism. Together, they have launched the Bamboo Book Corner, a project that will help evangelists and foreigners by providing resources on reaching mainlanders in China.

The Bamboo Book Corner will provide bibles and Christian literature in a variety of East Asian languages, and for people to be able to go to a resource center that is both, open to faith discussions, and is devoted to providing a deeper level of understanding the gospel.

Paul Woods, who works with his wife at OMF international in the Chinese Diaspora Ministries (CDM), a ministry focused on evangelizing mainlanders in China by teaching them about God’s word, said that OMF wanted to make resources available for Christians outside of China, who are working within the mainland Chinese diaspora.

Through the Bamboo Book Corner, OMF and CLC hope that they can provide a place where foreigners can purchase Chinese and bilingual materials at centers located near the mainland Chinese field, as well as providing resources for the mainland Chinese brothers and sisters, who also want to take advantage of the available resources.

The resources at the CLC book centers are counseling facilities, opportunities to fellowship, and they personally work with local churches.

CLC was founded in 1941, and currently has over 650 people serving worldwide in 180 centers and 40 mobile stations in over 50 countries.

In addition, they have volunteers from many nations whose backgrounds are grounded in traditional Christian values, and whom have dedicated their lives to serve Christ by offering to help others become aware of the teachings in the bible.

For some time, OMF in HK has been producing a series of good apologetic materials, mostly small tracts and booklets, but OMF and CLC felt that it was important to make a more efficient distribution system where bilingual resources can be given to help English-speaking Christians relate to Chinese Christians.

The Bamboo Book project has started in the UK, but will expand throughout Europe, in addition they have plans to reach out to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and North America.

CLC said they are more than just a chain of bookshops, but that their goal is to make evangelical literature available to all nations so that people can mature in their faith.