Case Against Pro-Life Activist Carries On As FBI Enters the Courthouse

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

FRESNO, Calif., -- The indictment charges against a pro-life activist who threatened to read Bible passages to an abortionist doctor has been lifted. The case carries on however, as the FBI continues investigations to warrant charges.

The original case arose on July 9, 2002, when Terri Palmquist, a pro-life activist who regularly leaflets and counsels at Family Planning Alternatives abortion clinics, threatened to read passages from Ezekiel 33 concerning admonishing the evildoer to turn from his sins lest he die, to an abortionist, Kenneth Wright.

Wright took the threat to court, charging Palmquist as a death threat, deserving of a restraining order. Though he asked to keep Palmquist from coming within 150 feet of him and his clinic, Judge Wallace of the Kern County Superior Court dismissed the case, ruling that there was insufficient evidence to issue an order against Palmquist.

Currently, the FBI continues to follow the case, seeking evidence that she is a violent threat to Wright. On Dec. 19, at the U.S. Courthouse in Fresno, Attorney Karen Escobar, acting under U.S. Attorney John Vincent is set to present “evidence” to a grand jury in hopes of having Mrs. Palmquist indicted on felony charges. . FBI will seek an indictment on grounds of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, or on terrorist threat.

By Paulina C.