Crossover Arizona – Statewide Evangelism Efforts

Apr 01, 2003 02:12 PM EST

PHOENIX, Az. – More than 100 Western Arizona churches are expected to take part in the 2003 Crossover Arizona evangelism effort, June 14. Churches in other parts of the state are expected to sponsor similar events in the weeks following the effort.

Jerry Martin, state coordinator for Crossover Arizona said pairs of Arizona churches will partner with each other on successive weekend to host block parties and door-to-door evangelistic efforts.

"Here in Arizona we see it as a way to get us unified across the state on sharing the gospel," Martin said. "We know that will overflow into making a difference in the West."

Phoenix area churches have just completed a Strategic Focus Cities effort that resulted in more than 38 new churches since 2000. Mitch McDonald, evangelism director for the Arizona Baptist Convention, said Crossover Arizona developed out of the effectiveness of that effort. "We knew that the convention was coming in 2003, and we began praying and thinking about that. It kind of grew out of that discussion that this would be a follow-up event for Strategic Focus Cities."

"We'll be using block parties, random acts of kindness, prayer walking and door-to-door surveys. Some of the surveys will be saturation evangelism, and some of them will be other kinds of community surveys that the local pastor wants," said Martin, noting that the events will take after previous Crossover efforts.

One of the "random acts of kindness" events will involve local churches passing out free bottles of water and taking opportunities to share their faith on nearby hiking trails.

A "skate park takeover" planned by three Phoenix-area churches will involve a variety of ministries to skating and skateboard enthusiasts, volunteer coordinator Deb Wolfrey reported. Ministry opportunities include demonstrations, free videotaping of skaters, free adjustments, a live band and free food in a block party setting.

"I thought that was a great idea for being able to talk to people about their beliefs," Wolfrey said.

Along with the Crossover effort, there will also be an Inner-City Evangelism workshop in Arizona, June 10-13.

By Pauline J.