"Under God" Banner Hung Opposite of Supreme Court Celebrates Pledge Decision

( [email protected] ) Jun 16, 2004 08:51 PM EDT

National Clergy Council (NCC) and Faith and Action, two Christian public policy organizations which filed an amicus brief in the Pledge of Allegiance case, celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court's Monday ruling, which preserved the "Under God" phrase, by hanging a two-story banner reading "50 Years Under God" on the front of their headquarters located directly across the street from the High Court. The banner is expected to be displayed for several months. Pins were also handed out to celebrate the victory.

The pledge case was brought forth by atheist Michael Newdow, who did not agree to his 8-year-old daughter reciting the Pledge with the phrase "Under God" as part of the policy of a California school district under which she is attending. The Supreme Court dismissed the case, ruling that Newdow had no standing to speak on behalf of his daughter whom he does not have custody of. Newdow is still engaged in a custody battle with his daughter's mother in California court.

Many Christian groups in support of the inclusion of the "Under God" phrase in the pledge expect the issue to resurface since the case was only dismissed based on technicality and the High Court ruling did not address the constitutionality of the phrase.

President of NCC Rev. Rob Schenck is calling on Christians to "Pray, Plan, and Act." Faith and Action is also administering a petition to urge the two political parties to adopt platform statements supporting the public acknowledgement of God.