The Future of China’s Corporations–Lamb Culture

( [email protected] ) Nov 22, 2007 01:35 PM EST

To reveal the active effects of faith in propagating the society’s harmony and to actively reveal God’s great love in the wave of growing tides of market economy, the first China Corporation Lamb Culture Forum was held from Nov. 15 till 18th in Hong Kong. Around 100 entrepreneurs and scholars from mainland China and Hong Kong engaged in dialogues on the topic of Lamb culture, a principle that contrasts the Wolf Culture.

This meeting was held at the time when the Wolf Culture is still very popular. Because of the incident of Wuxi Lake pollution that occurred as a result from the inhumane treatment of mine workers in Shanxi, the response of the Chinese society was that the immediate dismissal of the staff workers who have worked for over eight years and various other situations caused the public to become concerned about the Wolf Culture.

The Lamb Culture is to “Overcoming evil with good”, renewing the corporation’s culture and fulfilling the Christian’s commission in the society as the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

The theme of this conference is “Renewing the business culture, building a harmonious society”. Looking from different angles, scholars, entrepreneurs, and avid supporters from China and other areas together expressed their understanding of Lamb Culture and the application of it, which is maintaining love as the center, humility, sacrifice, dedication, following the rules, carrying the public responsibilities, diligently striving to establish the culture of a harmonious society and corporation.

Speaking from the characteristics of Asian Lamb Culture of “Goodness, Righteousness, Beauty, Peace” to Western Lamb Culture based on the Bible, Dr. Thomas In-sing Leung, expressed that the Lamb Culture can promote revival of faith in China, economic prosperity, and harmony in society.

Comparing Wolf Culture and Lamb Culture and upon the foundation of western management philosophies, Mr. Steve Raymund, founder of Lamb Culture and specialist in mainland corporation culture, unraveled the trait differences between Wolf Culture and Lamb Culture and the application of the latter in corporation culture and believes that Lamb Culture is revealed as love, integrity with honesty, and care for staff workers and society; the performance in management is the commission of entrepreneurs and staff workers, servant leadership, using faith and its values as the objectives and traits of the corporation.

Looking at the perspective of creating a harmonious society, Mr. Xiao Zhao, world-renown economist, said that Lamb Culture benefits China’s economy, a peaceful societal transformation; faith is the foundation of market economy, the key to revival of this nation, and the pathway for renewal of any signs of disharmony.

Mr. Yuanhe Zhu, Vice President of McDonald, emphasized that each entrepreneur’s personal faith and moral values are the key factors to build a strong corporation.

Mr. Zhongya Wong, Vice President of Tecsun (Suzhou) Homes Co. and publisher of best-selling book “Tecsun Employee Handbook”, described his management experience of how the company was able to create exceptional work ethics, high performance efficiency, and train employees to care for the society and their associates through the Lamb Culture Corporation Culture Model.

The attendants at the conference thought in unison that traits of Wolf Culture resembles that of the Jungle Rules, beastly principles and is the by-product of mistrust and moral degradation in the midst of China’s rapid economic growth; It greatly damages a balanced, win-win, and continuous developing environment. A Wolf plunders. It is “you die and I live”; however, the Lamb Culture is sacrificing all and “I die and you live”.

The organizing committee stated that while Lamb Culture is cultivating new corporation cultures and new strategies and a mindset for social responsibilities, it will provide love, vibrancy and the drive for continuous development towards the market economy; The Lamb Culture shall become an undeniable influence to the market economy by bringing positive changes and peaceful developments to this nation with strong ethnic-affinity.

During the conference time, a book and painting auction titled “China Corporation Lamb Culture Charity Research Foundation” was held.

In conclusion, the coordinating committee expressed the conference ended successfully.

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