The Key to Freedom Bible Campaign – Giving Hope to Thousands of Prisoners Across Canada

Aug 04, 2011 04:06 AM EDT

Toronto, Ontario – August 2011 – Recently a corrections chaplain noted that he could give away at least 55 Bibles every week – and that was in only one institution in just one city! Here are some more sobering numbers:

• 12% of the Canadian population has a criminal record

• On any given day there are more than 37,000 people locked away in Federal Institutions, with many others in provincial jails and half-way houses

• 70% of female inmates have children

In the past few years a small but committed group of Christians who have worked for years in prison ministry began to meet regularly to develop a Bible that would give comfort and hope to these thousands of men and women. As this dream grew and became a reality – with its title, Key to Freedom, chosen by those who are currently imprisoned – generous donations allowed for a first printing of 10,000 copies. Seeing how quickly they were given out and how dearly they were treasured by those who received them, the plan is to continue meeting the great demand.

The Key to Freedom Bible campaign will address the huge Bible poverty need throughout the Canadian prison system. They will be distributed through various prison ministries and chaplains who will use the unique design to effectively share the Bible’s message:

• It features stories of how the Bible has changed the lives of people currently in prison

• It uses grammar and vocabulary at the grade 3-5 level so it is easier to read and builds literacy and comprehension skills

• The translation is the easy-to-understand Contemporary English Version

• There are numerous helps for those with little understanding of the Bible including book outlines, section headings, a dictionary, maps, and a “Read through the Bible in a Year” plan

• It is the only Bible designed specifically for prison ministry in Canada

• It is available in both French and English

Working closely with Prison Fellowship Canada, 3,000 of these Bibles have already been donated since June and found their way into the eager hands of inmates desperate for their own copy of the Bible.

On the 10th of August, the Key to Freedom Bible will be officially launched at the Prisoners Justice Day event a gathering at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, located at 10 Trinity Square, Toronto. The Canadian Bible Society is privileged to be partnering with Prison Fellowship Canada ( in this vital ministry, providing The Word. For Life.

For more information please call 1-800-465-2425 or visit

About the Canadian Bible Society:

For more than 100 years the Canadian Bible Society has promoted the translation, publication, distribution and use of the Bible, convinced that lives are transformed when people engage with its text. It distributes Scripture resources in more than 100 languages at home, and together with 145 national Bible Societies worldwide distributed 380 million Scriptures last year.

[Source: Canadian Bible Society]