World Aids Day – “Getting to Zero”

Nov 30, 2011 01:08 PM EST

On December 1st, 2011, join forces with Watoto Canada as we do our part in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

We will be running an energetic social media campaign where you can donate to Watoto’s efforts and challenge others to do the same!

The number of children infected with HIV each day is 1,014 (UNAIDS 2007).

Watoto cares for more than 2,500 orphaned children, some who are HIV positive or have been orphaned due to the heartbreaking epidemic. The Watoto model involves physical care, medical intervention including HIV/AIDS treatment, education, trauma counseling and spiritual discipleship. The purpose of Watoto is to give these children hope, and meaning. For this to become an ongoing reality, Watoto relies on the support of individuals and families to sponsor a life and change the story of these vulnerable children and women.

Approximately three quarters of all women with HIV live in Sub-Saharan Africa (UNAIDS 2009).

Watoto also cares for over 2,100 destitute women in our Living Hope program including HIV+ women, returnees from abduction by the Lord’s Resistance Army, and teenage mothers. Living Hope teaches the women income generating skills and provides counseling and medical treatment so they can care for their children.

We love the 2011 UNAIDS campaign “Getting to Zero” and hope you will support us in achieving our goals.

The 2011 UNAIDS campaign will run until 2015. The goals are Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS related deaths. Through our holistic care programs, Watoto is part of this initiative

So get on your twitter, facebook, google+, blog, or any other social platform of choice and help us GET TO ZERO!

To support Watoto and be a part of the solution to rescue orphaned children and rebuild women’s dignity, please donate on our blog or call 888-9-WATOTO.

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For more information about Watoto and how you can sponsor a child please visit or scan our QR Code.