GTA V Online Game Not Working? Gamers Complain Difficulty in Starting a Session, Server Problems

( [email protected] ) Oct 02, 2013 03:07 PM EDT

The much-anticipated GTA online game, the multiplayer version for Grand Theft Auto V, launched October 1 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Millions of gamers attempting to getting into the game were left frustrated by server issues.

Several commenters on this Rockstar Games link say they've had constant difficulty starting a session of GTA Online. Many complained of the game failing to load, while others were repeatedly disconnected once they managed to log on to the online platform.

Rockstar Games apologized for various launch issues and asked fans for patience as the developer works to fix the bugs.

"We are working around the clock on resolving them as quickly as possible," Rockstar Games says in a statement. "This includes close monitoring of our Support systems, forums, social media, and in-game data to measure traffic along with Community sentiment to ensure ongoing improvements to stability. Please stay tuned for more updates."

Grand Theft Auto V smashed video game sales records following its arrival September 17. In its first three days, the game raked in $1 billion, says publisher Take-Two Interactive.

The launch of the game has sparked controversy among some people about the nature of its violence and the graphic torture scene.

During a mission within the game called 'By the Book', players are commanded by the FBI to torture an alleged terrorist for information. Players must complete the scene to finish the game and are offered a selection of torture implements, including sledgehammers and electric cables to use on the victim. If his heart stops, a shot of adrenaline restarts it.

"Rockstar North has crossed a line by effectively forcing people to take on the role of a torturer and perform a series of unspeakable acts if they want to achieve success in the game," Freedom from Torture chief executive Keith Best told the Guardian.