One City One Body – Movement to Alleviate Poverty in Taiwan

Apr 28, 2003 02:34 PM EDT

TAICHUNG, Taiwan -- The Taichung City Church Development Strategy Alliance brought together two thousand Christians from 18 Protestant denominations to mobilize in helping the city’s “new poor,” during the Holy Week. The “One City One Body” movement gathered the representatives in a middle school hall to share in celebration of the Eucharist, and to commit themselves to work for the alleviation of physical and spiritual poverty in their nation.

Rev. Du Ming-da, head of the Alliance’s Board said more than 5 percent of Taiwan’s population is in the category of “new poor;” many of these people fall through the government’s programs for low-income people. They, the poorest of Taiwan, include low paid laborers, the unemployed and single mothers, whose earning ability does not meet their basic needs. Congregations were encouraged to demonstrate their love for the people of Taichung though their care fore the metropolitan area.

The alliance encourages churches to cooperate with municipal government agencies, identifying themselves as social resource in the struggle to alleviate poverty and need. Churches were also challenged to put into practice the Biblical injunction to love their communities as neighbors.

By Pauline J.