'Avengers 2' Release Date, Spoilers and Cast Update

( [email protected] ) Jun 23, 2014 02:29 AM EDT
Spoilers for the upcoming 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' (Avengers 2) have started emerging on the web, as production for the highly-anticipated film continues.

Spoilers for Marvel's upcoming 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' (Avengers 2) have started emerging on the web, as production for the highly-anticipated film continues.

The latest leak comes courtesy of Latino Review, which offered a tantalizing glimpse into the first 15-20 minutes of the Avengers sequel. Coming out with a disclaimer first, the Review pointed out that spoilers were "subject to change" especially in light of "production rewrites that happened to address Scarlett Johansson's pregnancy".

Johansson has already starred in various Marvel-franchise films as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Black Widow, who made her first appearance in Iron Man 2.

Supposedly running over two hours, the film begins immediately after events from the post-credit scene from 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' Team Avengers faces off against a new threat that takes the form of Baron Von Strucker, who leads the Hydra terrorist group. The superheroes will be in for a big fight, as the Baron possesses Loki's staff, Chitauri weaponry, and a leviathan corpse -- recovered from the major battle at the climax of the first Avengers film (2012).

In the area of romance, Bruce Banner and Black Widows begin having feelings for each other, which was already hinted in the previous film. Even so, Banner has reservations about starting a relationship with Black Widow, due to his propensity to turn into the monstrous Hulk when enraged.  

The good guys do defeat the villains and recover Loki's staff in the process. Afterwards, the team throws a big party back at the Avengers Tower, where everyone takes turn trying to lift Thor's hammer. Only Captain America manages to move the hammer, but barely.

As with most superhero film sequels, new characters will be added. This time, the Avengers 2 creators have added to the cast two more classic Marvel superheroes -- Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

'Avengers 2' Film Crew Working in Locations All Over the World

Not long ago, the Avengers 2 production team was spotted filming on location in Aosta, Italy. Not long afterwards, production photos from the filming session emerged. In one image, Scarlet Witch-actor Elizabeth Olsen is sharing a scene with Hawkeye-actor Jeremy Renner, with a film crew operating cameras in the background.  The rest of the photos show Quicksilver-actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson running amongst overturned vehicles. 

Besides still images, videos of the production are also cropping up all over YouTube as well. Recently, Captain America was spotted standing on top of a moving truck at a film shoot in South Korea. It is not clear what the scene will be used for, but it does offer a preview of Captain America's classic blue and red costume design.

'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' release date is scheduled for May 1, 2015.