Bible Translations in Gujarati and Urdu raise Christian hope in India

"Pray for God's people to have wisdom, to have strength of faith and to keep pressing on."
( [email protected] ) Dec 03, 2003 09:40 AM EST

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India., Dec. 3 - November 15 was a historical day for Christian Ministry in India as The World Bible Translation Center released two complete Bibles in Indian languages. The Urdu and Gujarati Bibles were released in separate ceremonies in India.

This is the Translation Center's 10th full Bible to be completed in an Indian language. The Center's Gujarati New Testament has been in use since 1997.

Both languages are considered primary, and the translation opens the door for ministry to the Hindi and Muslims. WBTC's Dale Randolph explains that, in the context of existing anti-conversion laws, their work is within legal parameters. "Providing Bibles to people is no problem at all, as long as the people want the Bible. The thing that the law seems tot be designed for is the idea of people that are giving money to change religions, or things of that nature, which is not what real Christian people are doing."

Randolph asks people to pray for new outreach in both India and Pakistan. "Pray for God's people to have wisdom, to have strength of faith and to keep pressing on. They make many of us over in this country ashamed in that there's a real dedication amidst the persecution they've had, and yet, they're growing, and may God bless that tremendously."

Also, the Myanmarese (Burmese) New Testament was scheduled to be introduced in Yangoon, Myanmar, near the end of November.