515 Taipei “Powerful Prayer Bringing Revival” Prayer Conference

30,000 people gathered on Kategalan Road
( [email protected] ) May 16, 2005 08:59 AM EDT

On May 15, from 3pm till 6:30pm, 30,000 Christians gathered on Kategalan Road, a place where history of arguments, hatred, and conflicts all come together in Taiwan’s history. There, they prayed for the country’s revival and unity, and healing of this land. Not only did Christians gather in Taipei, but they also gathered in Chia-yi, Kao-hsiung to hold large scale prayer gatherings. The gathering brought Christians in Taiwan together forming a straight line starting from the northern point of Taiwan to the Southern point of Taiwan. This line of formation allowed prayers to fill the land.

On top of the gathering, during the conference, they specially arranged for phone connections to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and even Jerusalem to give blessings and prayers with the respective local pastors, who also is participating in the Global Day of Prayer.

May 15 is the global day of prayer. On this day over 150 countries in the world, and over 2 billion people praised and prayed together for the well-being of their own nation and for the kingdom of God to come, and for the revival of the Holy Spirit