Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date Update, Surface Mini Possibly Dead But Rumors Live On

( [email protected] ) Aug 13, 2015 12:21 AM EDT
Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 may be coming this fall, if rumors are to be believed. Meanwhile, the Surface Mini release date remains unconfirmed.
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Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 may be coming this fall, if rumors are to be believed. Meanwhile, the Surface Mini release date remains unconfirmed.

Is Surface Pro 4 Coming This October?

In July, Windows watcher Paul Thurrott predicted that Surface Pro 4 will ship out in October 2015. This assessment was based on the following two reasons.

First, Microsoft originally intended to release Windows 10 simultaneously with the Surface Pro 4. The original shipping schedule for Windows 10 was in October. According to Thurrott, the Surface development team was just as surprised as anyone when Microsoft boldly launched Windows 10 in July.

Thurrott also believes the Surface Pro 4 is awaiting development of the Intel Core "Skylake" CPU. Apparently, the new processor will not be available in numbers until the month of October. Naturally, the latest information is speculative - even though it is coming straight from a well-regarded tech observer.

Though Microsoft has not officially announced the Surface Pro 4, the device will certainly replace the aging Surface Pro 3. Undoubtedly, SP4 will be used a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of Windows 10's wireless features.

Windows 10 Features and Specs

Microsoft will naturally use the Surface Pro 4 to showcase Windows 10's many features. Notably, the new OS will reintroduce the Start Menu that was lost in Windows 8.1.

Previously, users were in an uproar when they found that Windows 8.1 had replaced the Start Menu with a clunky Start Screen. Many Windows 8.1 owners tried to restore the abandoned feature through third-party apps.

Windows 10 will come with Cortana - Microsoft's proprietary intelligent personal assistant software that assists users with personal tasks. The software is named for the artificial intelligence character from Microsoft's popular Halo videogame franchise. Jen Taylor provided the voice for both the software and videogame versions of Cortana.

Surface Mini Release Date in Limbo

Since last year, there have been rumors that Microsoft is developing the smaller cousin to the Surface Pro 3. Dubbed Surface Mini, the device continues to exist in the active imagination of the rumor mill. However, a report from Cnet maintains that Microsoft already pulled the plug on the Surface Mini.

Even so, rumors never seem to die. As late as this January, some tech observers believe that Surface Mini may have been secretly revived. Such developments cannot be concerned. Also, tech companies are notoriously secretive when it comes to products-in-development. So, anything is possible. However, the lack of new rumors concerning the Surface Mini put the latest speculation into question.