Jennifer Lawrence Donates $2M to Kentucky Hospital, Mom Karen Says Actress Is 'All About Giving'

( [email protected] ) Feb 15, 2016 10:05 AM EST
After visiting Kosair Children’s Hospital, actress Jennifer Lawrence was recently featured in a clip to raise funds for the creation of a new wing for such institution in her hometown Louisville, Kentucky.
Actress Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' at Leicester Square in London. (Image credit: REUTERS/LUKE MACGREGOR)

After visiting Kosair Children’s Hospital, actress Jennifer Lawrence was recently featured in a clip to raise funds for the creation of a new wing for such institution in her hometown Louisville, Kentucky.

In the video, the ‘Joy’ star announced that she had made a donation worth $2 million for the construction of the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

"As part of my effort to help these children and caregivers, I challenge the entire community to get behind this cause and help match my gift by raising an additional $2m to support all of these brave and inspiring children," Lawrence said about the Heart Challenge.

More than 5,000 young individuals pay a visit to the Kosair Children's Hospital Heart Center to obtain specialized care. Thanks to the expansion of the cardiac ICU, it is expected that 14 additional beds will be made available for kids who are in the recovery stage of their intensive heart procedure.

"My family and I have met so many wonderful children on our visits to the hospital. Their strength and courage is inspiring," the ‘Hunger Games’ movie franchise star said in her official statement.

People from the Kosair Children’s Hospital have already expressed their gratitude towards Lawrence’s extensive offering; these include Thomas D Kmetz, division president of Women's and Children's Services at the institution.

"We are thankful for the generosity shown by the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation with this gift," Kmetz shared. "We are equally thankful that she has put her trust in the outstanding work taking place at Kosair Children's Hospital every day by challenging the community to join her in support of our heart care program."

Lynnie Meyer, the chief development officer for Norton Healthcare and executive director of theChildren's Hospital Foundation, also discussed the importance of community support in order to get a hold of the appropriate programs, services and equipment for the heart center.

“This gift and challenge goes a long way in rallying our community to advance the world-class care available here for those throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana,” Meyer added.

In particular, the new beds for the children will aid in their recovery from heart procedures, open-heart surgery, such as heart transplants, heart failure and other conditions that call for intensive care. Hospital officials also explained that the new wing can offer space for families for them to remain with their children during their hospitalization.

Meanwhile, Lawrence’s mother, Karen, opened up about the Oscar-winning actress visiting the patients at Kosair during the past holidays and how such remarkable experience has been deemed a special present.

"She's all about giving ... she's not materialistic," Karen shared, describing Jennifer as having “the biggest heart of anybody I know."

Lawrence has been widely known for her lead role in ‘The Hunger Games’ movie series and is nominated this year for her part in the comedy-drama ‘Joy.’ She's has also become well-loved by many for sponsoring events and donating to a number of causes, such as addressing hunger and offering assistance to people with special needs.

After the announcement of Lawrence’s donation in the hospital lobby, both of Lawrence's parents appeared grateful.

"I'm so happy that we and she is able ... to help another family," Karen said. "It's just giving from your heart."

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