ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW Returning Shows for Fall 2016 Release Date, Spoilers, Schedule, and What Happened for Last Season’s Finale

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Now that we are about to enter into the fall season, a lot of viewers' favorite shows are coming back.  Since it has been a few months since each show has had its finale, you might need a reminder of where the show left off and what happened on last season's finale.  Here is a list you can use to schedule the release dates for your returning shows on networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW, and a quick reminder with spoilers.
"Blindspot" One of Several Returning Shows in Fall 2016. NBC

Now that we are about to enter into the fall season, a lot of viewers' favorite shows are coming back.  Since it has been a few months since each show has had its finale, you might need a reminder of where the show left off and what happened on last season's finale.  Here is a list you can use to schedule the release dates for your returning shows on networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW, and a quick reminder with spoilers. 

September 14 at 8/7:  Blindspot (NBC)

Weller discovered that Jane wasn't Taylor Shaw, and Jane murdered Oscar and learned that a man named Shepherd was the leader of a group that wiped her memory.  By the way, Jane volunteered for her procedure, and Weller arrests Jane. 

September 19 at 8/7:  The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Leonard's father and Sheldon's mother spent the night together, right after Leonard and Penny renewed their vows after a real wedding ceremony. 

September 19 at 9/8:  Lucifer (FOX)

Lucifer was shot, but he makes a deal with his father saying that he would do God's bidding if Chloe is kept safe.  This saves his life, and Lucifer receives a mission from God to track down his mother who escaped from hell. 

September 20 at 8/7: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)

Holt and Jake are forced to go to Florida as part of Witness Protection, and Boyle learned he would adopt a child. 

September 20 at 8/7: NCIS (CBS)

Tony left after learning that he have a daughter from Ziva named Tali.  Sadly, Ziva was killed during a mortar attack in Israel. 

September 20 at 8/7: New Girl (FOX)

Sam broke up with Jess to propose to Diane, and Jess realized that she has feelings for Nick.  Nick is starting a relationship with Reagan, and CeCe and Schmidt got married. 

September 20 at 9/8: Scream Queens (FOX)

Hester is the Bathtub Baby responsible for the murders.  Dean Munsch knew the truth, and Zayday became a sorority present. 

September 20 at 10/9:  Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (ABC)

Fitz and Simmons finally got together, and Lincoln stopped the Inhuman Hive and possibly exploded in an Quinjet.  Suddenly, there is a time-jump for a few months, and Daisey had left and Coulson is no longer the director. 

September 21 at 9/8:  Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

Barba reveals that he'd been receiving death threats for months.  Dodds and Benson went to help a suspect's wife and kids, but then gets killed by the husband. 

September 21 at 9/8: Modern Family (ABC)

Jay's family goes to Mexico for a wedding while the Dunphys went to New York.  Mitchell and Cam spend the summer in Missouri, and Haley's boyfriend Andy moved back to Utah. 

September 21 at 9/8:  Empire (FOX)

At Hakeem's wedding, Anika and Rhonda got into a scuffle that send both falling off the balcony, and Hakeem's finance Laura fled, and so did Cookie. 

September 21 at 9:30/8:30: Black-ish (ABC)

Dre is worried that he is going to get laid off, and Bow is pregnant with kid number 5. 

September 21 at 10/9:  Chicago P.D. (CBS)

Voight avenged his son Justin's murder, but Lindsay knows that he did it. 

September 22 at 8/7: Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Amelia and Own probably got married, and April gave birth to Jackson's baby.  Callie takes Sofia to New York so she can be with Penny.  Meredith and Riggs realize that they have a good relationship, and then Maggie tells her that she has feelings for Riggs. 

September 22 at 8/7:  Rosewood (FOX)

Pippy and TMI broke up before the wedding, and Captain Hornstock quite the force.  Villa and Rosie won't be getting together as well. 

September 22 at 8/7: Superstore (NBC)

Cheyenne gave birth to her baby, but since Cloud 9 doesn't offer maternity leave, Glenn suspends her.  Glenn is fired, but Cloud 9 stages a walkout in protest. 

September 22 at 9/8: Chicago Med (NBC)

April's boyfriend proposed, in spite of the fact that he has TB.  Goodwin's husband left, and Will received an offer to be a full-time attending at Chicago Med. 

September 22 at 10/9: How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

Caleb was behind the Hapstalls' murders but committed suicide before he could be arrested.  Wes approached his biological father Wallace, but someone shoots Wallace before Wes could even speak. 

September 22 at 10/9: The Blacklist (NBC)

It is revealed that Liz is alive, and that Alexander Kirk (aka Constantine Rostova) is her father.  The revelation occurred in Cuba. 

September 23 at 9/8:  Hawaii Five-O (CBS)

McGarrett's life was saved as Danny donated his liver.  Unfortunately, Gabriel died during, and asks Chin Ho to take care of his daughter Sara. 

September 23 at 10/9: Blue Bloods (CBS)

Danny finally found the serial killer Thomas Wilder, and killed the menace in self-defense.  Mayor Poole was about to resign, but Frank convinced him to stay.

September 25 at 8/7: Once Upon a Time (ABC)

There will be a Land of Untold Stories which will bring even more characters into this complex epic series.  Regina may have split with her Evil Queen persona, and Rumple wants to be reunited to the sleeping Belle. 

September 25 at 9/8: Secrets and Lies (ABC)

Abby killed Tom Murphy, but Ben confessed to the murder to protect his daughter, and then later died. 

September 25 at 10/9: Quantico (ABC)

Liam is revealed as being the terrorist.  Simon sacrificed himself to drive a nuke that Liam planted off of a bridge, and Alex killed Liam. 

September 28 at 9/8:  Criminal Minds (CBS)

Hotch gets set up on a suspicion of conspiracy, and there are many prison breaks with 13 unsubs getting out. 

September 28 at 10/9:  Code Black (CBS)

Christa quits with Neal after finding out Grace said no to his proposal.  Mario finally realized how bad Angus's addiction to Adderall actually is. 

October 2 at 8/7: NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

Tahir Khaled tried to take over Sam's son and his classmates at the military academy.  Khaled was arrested, and Nell and Eric presumably got together after kissing. 

October 2 at 9/8:  Madam Secretary (CBS)

Bess thought she wasn't going to be in her position, but President Conrad Dalton apparently wants her to be the new vice president. 

October 2 at 10/9:  Elementary (CBS)

Morland tried to establish himself as a new leader in Moriarty's organization, but he wants to protect Sherlock and Joan.  Joan learns that she has a half-sister and Sherlock gets himself involved with Fiona. 

October 3 at 9/8: Scorpion (CBS)

Toby asks Happy to marry him, but Happy's already married.  Walter is going after Paige. 

October 4 at 8/7: The Flash (CW)

Barry Allen stopped Eobard Thawne from murdering his mother, which will undoubtedly alter the existing timeline of all the DC CW shows. 

October 5 at 8/7: Arrow (CW)

Team Arrow was able to stop Darhk, and Oliver didn't kill him.  Diggle and Thea left the team, and Oliver is then sworn in as interim mayor of Star City.

October 10 at 8/7: Supergirl (CW)

Kara finally makes some moves on James Olsen, but another Kryptonian pod crashes on Earth. 

October 11 at 9/8: Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

Louis declares that the whole family is going to Taiwan, as Gene and Grandma have gone to that country.   

October 11 at 9:30/8:30: The Real O'Neals (ABC)

The whole family is brought together at the prom.  Jimmy caught Eileen in a romantic moment with Vice Principal Murray, and Kenny got his first kiss since he came out. 

October 11 at 10/9: Chicago Fire (NBC)

Kidd's ex-husband Grant broke into her apartment and waiting to presumably kill her when she returned with Severide.  Dawson has movie into a new place and is approved to be a foster mother to Louie, and Casey showed up at Dawson's door. 

October 13 at 8/7:  DC's Legends of Tomorrow (CW)

The team destroyed the Oculus to stop the Time Masters and Vandal Savage.  Rip started the team, but Kendra and Carter are not on board.  Then Hourman from the Justice Society of America shows up. 

October 13 at 9/8:  Supernatural (CW)

Sam and Deans' mother returned from the dead.  Lucifer returned and the Prophet Chuck is revealed to be God. 

October 17 at 9/8:  Jane the Virgin (CW)

Michalel and Jane tied the knot, but Sin Rostro shot Michael.  Xo discovered she was pregnant, and Alba got her green card.  Petra's long-lost twin sister arrived and stole her identity, then put Petra up in the hospital.

October 17 at 9:30/8:30: The Odd Couple (CBS)

Oscar was on a date with Felix's ex-wife, and realized that he had feelings for Charlotte.  Felix wants to have a long-distance relationship with Emily.

October 19 at 8/7:  Gotham (FOX)

Thanks to the crazy experiments of one Hugo Strange, Bruce Wayne has an evil twin and Fish Mooney has been resurrected. 

October 20 at 10/9:  NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)

NCIS got put on a "mandatory vacation" even though they had done a lot of good. 

October 21 at 8/7:  The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Stefan and Caroline got back together, and Bonnie lost her magic.  Enzo and Damon get possessed by the evil monster lurking in the Armory's vault, and still on a killing spree. 

October 21 at 8/7: The Goldbergs (ABC)

Beverly decided to get her teaching certificate, Adam graduated eighth grade, and Erica tried to get with Geoff Schwartz, but he has moved on. 

October 21 at 9/8: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)

Greg confesses his love for Rebecca, and Rebecca might be one step closer giving up Josh. 

October 27 at 9/8: Mom (CBS)

Christy finally is able to pay for college after receiving a scholarship.  Meanwhile, Violet is having some problems of her own. 

So, set up your schedule or your TiVo to watch these shows, and the times are according to TV Guide.