‘Grease’ Movie’s ‘Sandy’s Dead’ and Top Ten Other Movie Fan Theories

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The film of "Grease" has a popular Fan Theory that the main character is dead.  See this and the Top Ten Movie Fan Theories Here.
Was the ending for 'Grease' the last dream of Sandy before dying? It's another Movie Fan Theory. Paramount Pictures

Thanks to the Internet, fans everywhere can praise their favorite movies in written and video form in all kinds of different ways.  This has given rise to many Movie Fan Theories, which allow a lot of popular films to be interpreted in a whole new way (perhaps different from what is intended).  One of the most famous comes from the movie Grease, saying that the main character is dead.  This is a description of that Fan Theory and the Top Ten other movie franchise (in no particular order). 

1.        Grease (1978) Fan Theory: Sandy is Dead and the entire story is a coma dream

According to CNET, the theory of Sandy's death is justified in the beginning with the song of "Summer Nights".  In the song, Danny (John Travolta's character) states that he saved the life of Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) from drowning.  Many say that Danny did not succeed, and that the entire film is Sandy's last fever dream before dying.  She imagines Rydell High School as a beautiful and musical place, where a huge carnival takes place at the end, which makes the flying car at the end seem actually plausible as it takes her to the afterlife. 

2.        Titanic (1997) Fan Theory: Jack is a Time Travel or Imaginary

The issue with Titanic is the bulk of the story is told in flashback from the POV of a 100-year-old woman Rose (played as a young by Kate Winslet).  It is possible that perhaps she just imagined this extremely beautiful artist figure Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) who helps her stand up to a man that she was involuntarily betrothed to.  She says that in the end that she doesn't have a picture of him, and this could be an alter ego persona that she invented to prevent her from committing suicide at the beginning of the film. 

Some also say that Jack Dawson could be a time traveler, sent from the future to save Rose from her suicide.  During his time with her, he mentions a few things like a Roller Coaster at Santa Monica pier that shouldn't have been created yet in 1912. That, or some better fact-checking should have happened. 

3.        Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) Fan Theory: Ferris is Imaginary, This is Cameron's Story

It seems fantastic that Ferris Bueller is able to hit the city streets with his girlfriend Sloane and friend Cameron.  The character has no problem getting what he wants, and doing super-cool things like singing at a parade.  The ending has a car getting crashed, and it is essentially Cameron's fault.  While Ferris is willing to take the blame, Cameron decides to take full responsibility. 

Perhaps Ferris is just a figment of Cameron's imagination, of a popular best friend that the character always wished that he had.  In the end, Cameron does take his responsibility and stand up to a father who hasn't been treating him well. 

4.       E.T. (1982) Fan Theory: E.T. is a Jedi

This Fan Theory is states that E.T. and Star Wars take place in the same universe.  In the film, E.T. is alien hiding in Elliott's house, and then taken out in a ghost costume on Halloween so he can travel in public.  When E.T. sees a child dressed as Yoda, he runs to him yelling "home".  Surely he recognizes the Jedi master because he has the ability to levitate objects. 

This fan theory is justified within another movie, as Star Wars: The Phantom Menace has in the background of a scene an alien race with representatives that look just like E.T.  So, if Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, is E.T. also a time traveler? 

5.       Mad Max Fury Road (2015) Fan Theory: The Feral Kid from The Road Warrior grew up to be Max

The second Mad Max movie, also known as The Road Warrior, introduced a character who is simply called "Feral Kid".  This character followed Mad Max (Mel Gibson) around, but the two parted ways by the end of the movie.  Many say that this kid grew up to the Mad Max in Fury Road (played Tom Hardy), and took Max's name as his own.  This would mean that there is actually some connectivity between all four films, with the last film taking place a generation after the second film. 

6.       James Bond Fan Theory:  James Bond is as much of a code name as 007

Have you ever wondered how James Bond can just walk into a room and announce his name?  What kind of a secret agent is this?  Well, most fan theories believe that James Bond isn't just a name, but a title, just as much as the 007 rank. 

So when one James Bond dies, another can take his place.  This means that every actor who has played Bond is actually a different man.  It certainly gives the franchise that is over 50 years old a great sense of believable continuity. 

7.        Harry Potter Fan Theory: Harry is a horcrux and/or Hogwarts is not real

In the Harry Potter world, he discovers that his enemy Voldermort has somehow split his soul into several pieces in case he were to die.  Harry has to track down every piece, but what if he is somehow one of those pieces, specially marked on that fateful day when Voldermort attempted to assassinate him?  This would explain why Harry's adopted family, the Dursleys, always treated him so cruelly because, as a horcrux, Harry would exude evil.  

Then there are some that say that Hogwarts isn't real and that Harry Potter is really just an abused orphan trying to imagine some kind of better life for himself.  We could apply that to a lot of films with heroic figures. 

8.        Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) Fan Theory:  Willy Wants to Kill the Golden Ticket Kids

Willy Wonka had a golden ticket contest to bring in people, with one to take over his company.  Many say that the entire factory is one elaborate trap to take them all out, one-by-one, save the last.  The scene where they get on the boat has the exact number of seats required, even though they have lost contest winners along the way.  This theory goes so far as to say that Willy wants to use the kids to make his delicious chocolate, which is a really sick Soylent Green take on the classic children's story. 

9.       Back to the Future (1985) Fan Theory: Doc Brown is Suicidal

Based on what I know about Doc Brown in the film and his ability for self-sacrifice, this one is the hardest one to swallow.  When Doc Brown and Marty test the time machine in the iconic opening, Doc choses to put himself in front of it as the DeLorean is speeding toward them.  What if it didn't work?  Well, Doc is the one who is willing to bet his life on it, and that is how I believe to view that scene.  Granted, he didn't have to make Marty stand there with him. 

10.   Aladdin (1992) Fan Theory: It takes place in the future, genie is the salesman at the opening.

This is a great fairy tale taking place during the time of ancient Arabia, or is it?  The real justification for this theory is how Robin Williams' Genie character somehow  does impersonations of celebrities who have yet to be born from that time period like Jack Nicholson, Arsenio Hall, and much more.  Perhaps the film takes place during a time after Mad Max, which would actually tie in the Fan Theory from that universe. 

By the way, that salesman guy at the beginning of Aladdin is voiced by Robin Williams.  Is he supposed to be the Genie?  The answer is actually yes, according to the creators.  That big question was only resolved recently. 

This is just the top ten Fan Theories, and there are a whole lot more that I didn't list like the whole Pixar films all take place in a single universe.  Please feel free to comment on the more famous ones that we left out, and if you want us to tackle that whole Pixar theory one.