Apple TV TVOS10 New Features, iOS 10 Jailbreaking Release Date and Current Problems with OS

( [email protected] ) Sep 14, 2016 10:03 AM EDT
Apple TV has received a new update with TVOS 10, and there have been some new features.  Many are receiving an update to iOS 10 as well.
Apple TV TV10OS has something new. Apple

For those who love Apple products, you should be pleased that iOS 10 is available today.  An upgrade is also available for Apple TV, and TVOS 10 has a lot of new features.  There have been some initial problems with the launch of iOS 10, but hopefully this has been resolved.  When it comes to jailbreaking iOS 10, there could be a short or long wait. 

Apple TV TVOS 10 New Features


According to CNET, Apple TV just got itself a free software upgrade, and it is TVOS 10.0, the latest version of the software.  Much of it was already seen at WWDC 2016, but there is more available.  If you are an Apple TV user and don't have this new update, you should got to Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software to make certain it is available. 

So what do you get in the update?  Quite a bit, including:

Siri Search Application


You can use Siri to find movies by category when you ask for them using the voice control remote.  For example, if you just say: "movies about sports", you should get yourself an appropriate list to choose from. 

Dark Mode


For those that want to save power on the plasma or OLED TV, this will allow you to do it, and keep the screen lighting your room. 

HomeKit Smart-home Control


Thanks to Apple's HomeKit system, you will be able to control a lot more of your connected devices in your home thanks to this new application. 

Photo Memories


There is a new top-menu item known as "Memories", which creates collections based on subject and date for your photos. 

Redesigned Apple Music App


The Apple Music app on Apple TV gets a new look in tvOS 10 as well as new features such as Discovery Mix. 

Automatic App Downloads


If you download an app that supports Apple TV, then it will show up on Apple TV, automatically.  This can be disabled if you don't want it this way. 

Apple iOS 10 Problems


According to The Verge, there have been some widespread comments across social media, saying that there have been problems downloading iOS 10 for some iPhone and iPad users.  Apparently, that problem with the software update was resolved, and Apple issued an apology. 

This isn't something that hasn't happened before when it comes to the new iOS rollout, like when iOS 9.3.2 rollout was able to "brick the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.  If you haven't backed up your iOS device, you might want to do that for future iOS updates. 

Jailbreaking for iOS 10 Release Date


The University Herald reports that there probably will not be any jailbreaking for any more iOS 9 or greater.  The last one was for iOS 9.3.3, but with iOS 10 now available the famous jailbreaking team Pangu is working on jailbreaking that for sure. 

This means that you shouldn't upgrade to the latest if you are running iOS 9.3.3 and want to experience all the benefits of being jailbroken. Hopefully, the Pangu team will get that jailbreak for iOS 10 done, and some predict the first week in October.   


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