‘Regular Show’ Season 8 Release Date and Spoilers: No Season 9 Plans; How Will It All End?

( [email protected] ) Sep 16, 2016 11:07 AM EDT
Cartoon Network has enjoyed the adventures of Mordecai and Rigby on Regular Show, but that era is ending with the final season 8.  Here are some spoilers of how it will end.
Mordecai and Rigby will be back for one last time on "Regular Show" Season 8. Cartoon Network

Most adults who know the Cartoon Network know that it has some very hidden gems that don't really have mainstream appeal.  Animation lovers know the greatness of shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe, and the surreal superiority of Regular Show.  The show about slackers Mordecai (a bluejay) and Rigby (a raccoon) working for Benson (a gumball machine) at a park usually takes a surreal turn, and it will soon turnover.  This is what is known about Regular Show Season 8 Release Date, and how there will be no Season 9. 

As we reported last time, the show ended Season 7 with the park blasting off into space.  On board was Mordecai, Rigby, and their boss Benson.  Also on board was Rigby's girlfriend Eileen, as well as the other park workers Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, and High-Five Ghost. 

According to a recent report from CinemaBlend, Cartoon Network has stated that most of Season 8 will take place in space.  There is a preview video below showing that the crew is not too far from Earth, but that could change very quickly.  Then the show could have a Star Trek format where they star visiting other worlds. 

This could be when the show jumps the shark, because the show usually had conflicts with some surreal turn of events in what is usually a typical sitcom plot.  It is possible that putting the group in space will reveal where some of these weird things are coming from.

JG Quintel, the voice actor and executive producer of the show, has stated that it was the network's idea to end the show.  He wants the show to come full circle, and personally, I like it when shows know they are in their final season.  This way, the show can spend a whole season saying goodbye. 

Here are some things that I believe will occur in Regular Show Season 8:

1)       Mordecai Will Have to Get Together with Someone

Ever since the first season, Mordecai has loved Margret (a cardinal), and the two of them got together.  Then they broke up, and he was dating Cloudy Jay (a living cloud), and then that relationship failed.  One recent episode teased that Mordecai and Margret would get married, at some future time.  Whether or not this comes to pass, who knows.  Perhaps it will end with Mordecai single perhaps for the rest of his life, but still content. 

2)       Eileen and Rigby will Get Married

It was a big surprise when it was discovered that Eileen and Rigby were dating.  Eileen obviously liked Rigby since her first appearance in Season 1, but he never reciprocated this until recently.  The two of them are stuck together in space, and it is pretty clear that it is a set-up for them to permanently stay together once they land. 

3)      Muscle Man and Starla Will Be Reunited

Muscle Man finally settled down with Starla (aka Muscle Woman) and the show has shown how genuine their love is. The show wouldn't just separate them without a decent reason, so they should be together again. 

4)      Skips Will Have Some Peace

The issue with Skips, the Yeti-like creature, is that he is immortal.  There was an episode that told of his origin, and how he lost his lady love.  Unlike the others, who seem to be going toward a happy ending with someone they love, Skips seems to desire something else.  He is a constant character full of mystery, and when that mystery comes to a close, the fans will not be pleased if he does not have a happy ending. 

5)       Benson Will Settle Down

Even though Benson has a hot temper and constantly threatens to fire both Mordecai and Rigby, he is still a likeable and responsible character.  He was interested in someone from Dr. Langer's team, but Dr. Langer's team sent the team into space before that relationship could be developed.  He deserves an ending where he gets a lot of respect in perhaps a new job, settling down with the one he loves. 

6)      Pops Will Run the Camp

There was a strange and unresolved plotline introduced in Season 7 where it is revealed that Pops has some strange telekinetic powers.  I'm sure those will come in handy as they are in space, but his character has always been strangely sympathetic and stupid at the same time.  His father , Mr. Maellard,is a very mean man, and really needs to be taken down at least a few pegs.  I'm hoping something will happen to him and Pops will need to take over his duties of running the park. 

7)      High-Five Ghost Will Also Settle Down

Of all the diverse characters, High Five Ghost is one of the least developed, but is the most interesting.  It looked like he was developing a relationship with a human named Celia, but sadly, this was also cut short. 

So it looks like Season 8 will be spent in space, and there will probably be several episodes happening once the team gets back on Earth.  It would appear that all these characters are getting set up for a long-term relationship which will be a great ending for all of them. 

Regular Show will return for Season 8 on the Cartoon Network on September 28 at 8 PM.