iPhone Still the Most Wanted Gift Based on Survey-- and Here's Why

( [email protected] ) Nov 30, 2016 12:24 PM EST
A recent survey shows that iPhone is still the hottest item and most wanted gift for Christmas.
iPhone: still the most wanted gift for Christmas. iDownloadBlog.

A recent survey shows that iPhone is still the hottest item and most wanted gift for Christmas. The poll involved 1,000 individuals in the US, and was conducted by investment firm Piper Jaffray.

Along with iPhone, other choices on the survey list include MacBook, Xbox One, PS4 and smartwatches. As much as 7.2% of pollsters chose iPhone from the list of potential Christmas presents.

Last year, Piper Jaffray conducted a similar survey and iPhone also emerged as the most wanted gift. Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray's Managing Director, says this year has seen a 2-percent increase of iPhone's popularity on the survey.

Others think that the sample size is too small to judge the iPhone as the hottest Christmas gift, but Jaffray says the survey reflects on consumer interest proving that iPhone is still popular despite the phone's decrease in sales.

Why does iPhone keep on faring well with the public despite it being on the expensive range?

Some iPhone owners offer their thoughts:

1. There are thousands of useful apps to choose from

Currently, the App Store has 1.5 million apps. Apps are regularly filtered out, making the range of quality above par. Apps are also grouped into sections, such as "Business," "Productivity," "Games," and "Books" among others, making app selection user-friendly and streamlined.

2. Sleek operating system

Steve Jobs is famous for his obsession with design symmetry and flow, and this obsession also extends to all Apple products. Apple is almost fool-proof where any user does not need advanced technical knowledge to navigate through the device. The system is made to be understood by everyone, and it packs together functions that should go together. This proper grouping makes it easy for anyone to update the iOS, to adjust home and lock screens, to organize photos, and to streamline data across all Apple products.

3. Multitasking is possible, and the phone rarely ever hangs

Every iPhone is packed with a powerful system that makes it possible for anyone to run different apps at the same time, without fear of ending up with a hanged phone. Users are also informed of when the device is almost full. This way, users are given enough time to back up their data and free up space on the device. While iPhones are not famous for gaming because of the many gaming apps not available on the App Store, many attest to a seamless usage experience when using the iPhone.